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Health Consulting
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Patient Transport Ambulance
Fixed Point Ambulance
Vip International Private Ambulance Services;
Private Ambulance and Health Services in 2015  with 2 ambulances  to its activity  has begun. Growth in the health sector in 2017  3rd ambulance to its fleet in  continued to add. 
Our teams  Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician and First Aid  Approximately 12 of Trained Drivers  serving with healthcare professionals  Private Ambulance and Health Services emergency  It has adopted the principle of providing quality and patient-centered services in the aid, private ambulance and home health services sector. All teams put the patient's health and safety first.  with the philosophy of pre-training. With our brothers who successfully passed their pre-education  After completing the in-service training, the necessary certificates are obtained, the adaptation training is completed and active duty is started.
Private Ambulance and Health Services continues on its way as a strong brand with accessible and widespread health services, which is committed to providing all kinds of health services needed at the same quality and standard.
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